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Hugo Todo

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Current to-do list for the blog.


  • Fix bug – post cover image doesn’t render in lists if it’s a relative link.
    Had to make all posts into page bundles instead.
  • Easy-to-use convention to segregate images from posts but easily link when using editor.
    Hugo image processing generates lots of extra versions of each image, they clutter up blog post folder.
    Fixed by putting images in page bundle folder. I should have seen this coming.
  • Default text font should be easier to read.
  • Auto generate TOC
  • Images for lists, for taxonomy term (e.g Category: Rants)
  • Show summary text in lists.

Deploy at least the built site to LightSail, making it live

  • Deploy the built artifacts to Lightsail, with rsync.
    This much means I’m tied to blogging on the laptop, but can publish from there. Next steps are to figure out the admin experience and move the whole thing to Lightsail.
  • Deploy via []AWS Amplify](
    • push master copy of blog repo to GitHub.
    • define app in Amplify and build from GitHub. See app domain.
    • define to point to generated page (also in AWS) Currently, I’m stuck on this– SSL cert built but AWS can’t validate the domain.
  • Expand the edit experience so I can use hugo shortcodes and template functions with live preview.
    Could do this by running local hugo server -D and simply rendering the page in a browser window. Use simple text editor (doesn’t need live preview, though would be nice to have Markdown syntax)
  • Named projects
    • Get home page realestate.— card or menu
    • Maybe a taxonomy