Blog for 2021

  • Wildcard Cert via

    ,  tagged Software

    New standard for single-tenant, multi-vdir sites: configure nginx as outer server with paths for each service; run the services as separate vdirs with whatever server they ship with; let nginx terminate the SSL sessions for all of the vdirs and run the service in HTTP. This is easier if you use a single wildcard cert for the domain.

  • Wayland on Ubuntu (19.04)

    ,  tagged Software

    Initially, not seeing many problems, and kudos to the project teams who undoubtedly worked had to bring things to this level.

  • New, New Horses

    ,  tagged Blog Software Hardware

    Since we'll be travelling for the forseeable future, I decided to move the blog off the little server and up to Amazon Web Services, where it will be somebody else's problem to keep it running, accessable and online.

  • Bluetooth Audio Lag

    ,  tagged ubuntu

    Ubuntu, for reasons known only to itself, defaults to sub-optimal settings for upscale bluetooth connected speakers, resulting in very noticable audio lag when, e.g, playing John Oliver on YouTube.

    But the community long ago figured out what's going on and how to fix it.

  • The Server for This Blog

    ,  tagged Blog Hardware

    Getting all meta, here's a blog post about the blog server, the origin story of the little server that powers this blog. My original idea about this blog is that it should be a completely stand-alone thing, so I wouldn't be beholden to someone else's monetization scheme to get my thoughts out there. I could probably find a free/cheap enough shared service if I looked hard enough, but I didn't want to do the research and, in the back of my mind was the appeal of building from scratch and learning something along the way.

  • Changing Password Managers, LastPass to Bitwarden

    ,  tagged software personal IT

    Converting from LastPass password manager to Bitwarden, or getting started with Bitwarden, there being no time like the present.

  • Cruising

    ,  tagged cruising

    Thinking about spending more time cruising, and the kind of boat I'd like to have to do that.

  • Hacking Wakeup for USB and Bluetooth

    ,  tagged software ubuntu

    Getting reliable wakeup from suspend from bluetooth keyboard or USB mouse.

    Article incomplete; don't know where to put enable to make it sticky across reboot.

  • New Horses

    ,  tagged Hardware Software

    First, I succumbed to the lure of more screen space. Then, the Ryzen hype from AMD was just irresistible, and I succumbed again. And finally, I've ditched Windows for Linux (ubuntu). But I feel fine about it.