Blog for 2020

  • Ghost Theme Development Is Where It's At

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    I had already muddled through adding comments function to my Ghost blog and discovered that was just an exercise in theming. Now I'm looking to add a search function, and, lo and behold! that is also an exercise in theming. Is there anything a theme can't do (in a well-engineered headless CMS)? So this project is about restructuring my blog maintenance pipeline to use Docker wisely: keep Ghost core engine separate, confine my hacks to theming and be able to deploy the results professionally.

  • The Universal Blog Site

    In the beginning, we had wikis, which were good for structuring ideas and knowlege. Then came blogs, which were better for professional writers (the weekly essay) and not really about structure. Then special purpose sites like Trac (still the best for software project management, documentation and source control, IMHO), Outline: Wikis, Blogs, Jupyter NB, Trac, Django – trajectory of web site frameworks where technical or professionqals could publish without having to be first and foremost a web site developer.

  • VS Code Debugging With Quasar Framework

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    Dipping my toes into yet another JS framework, I'm investigating Quasar, which seems to offer a comprehensive and well-documented set of UI components. to work with. But I'm a total n00b about JS, HTML, CSS. And this is a strongly distributed application, so I need robust debugging capability in both the server and the client. And I've fallen in love with VS Code and want to stay within its warm embrace for as much of the development experience as I can.

  • Site1 Roadmap

    Site1 is my current sandbox for learning Quasar framework on top of Vue. It wants to be my vehicle for wikis and ERP data. Maybe for notebooks too? Scaffolded Quasar project Project files Debuggable with sourcemaps and breakpoints working. Learnings: devtool: "source-map" works: the defaults, and most other settings, don't. [] 2d Nav layout: for hierarchies of wiki pages This is a basic wiki layout: assume the back end can provide the page content and a list of peer pages and subsections under the same parent path, display that nicely for the user.

  • Learning to Live With Linux: Avahi and Systemctl

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    First of maybe a short series on the nits of supporting Ubuntu for home use... This all started with a frequently recurring notification from avahi-daemon, "mumble, mumble .local domain". This would briefly display on my desktop a few minutes after boot up, or shortly after a network change like opening or closing a VPN connection. avahi's prejudice against windows networks using '.local' domain is well documented. All I can say is Windows started using it first.

  • _CL - A New Command Language

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    We have more and more operating systems, but the unix/linux command language tools are the go-to source of basic command line tools for them all. These tools have proprietary and cultural weirdnesses that committed practitioners have mastered and by now constitute a badge of honor or mark of attainment, but make a sometimes formidable barrier to new users. There is room in the world for a more consistent, discoverable and portable command language to build on this stable heritage and constitute a new standard.

  • BCL Preliminary Ideas

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    Very preliminary thinking about the syntax and configuration of my new command language BCL. Not design! yet. Concepts Need an abstract syntax notation to talk about this, not BNF. constant -- literal <placeholder> -- named placeholder. Name is suggestive of the type or purpose of the placeholder. Noun-verb vs verb-noun Many (and common) commands are verb first: cp <from> <to> rm <thing> sudo <command> More specialized commands are often noun first:

  • A Meditation on Projects

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    I think that the notion of a "project" is one of the fundamental cognitive advances of mankind. It is a kind of social signal from an individual or small group to a larger community that a problem can be and will be solved. It's a framework for negotiating the scope of the problem and how it relates to other problems and solutions used by the community. Related idea – planning