Site1 Roadmap

Site1 is my current sandbox for learning Quasar framework on top of Vue. It wants to be my vehicle for wikis and ERP data. Maybe for notebooks too?

  • Scaffolded Quasar project
    • Project files
    • Debuggable with sourcemaps and breakpoints working.


  1. devtool: "source-map" works: the defaults, and most other settings, don't.
  • [\] 2d Nav layout: for hierarchies of wiki pages
    This is a basic wiki layout: assume the back end can provide the page content and a list of peer pages and subsections under the same parent path, display that nicely for the user. The sections of the parent path across the top of the page, the peers in the left drawer. The page template itself doesn't worry about the nav.


  1. even the simple path schema I cooked up for test data turned out to have hidden subtlties that ate debugging time. Think hard about this when coming up with data model for hierarchial wiki!
  • Query content via REST
    Use Axios to access GHOST v2 api, use that as content for 2d Nav. GHOST doesn't have hierarchy, maybe I'll use tags instead.
    • CURL Form page: you enter parameters of the REST query, the page displays JSON response. Integrate that into Sandbox.
  • Think about nice rendering for GHOST pages
    • Ghost doesn't have hierarchies of URLs. How to use Peers nav in 2d layout? And sections might be tags rather than breadcrumbs. All tags or just the ones for the current post?
    • Template for Ghost's post model: feature image, abstract (or first paragraph) emphasized.
    • landing on index page should show list of items, probably attending to Ghost's featured flag. Works for Pages, Tags and Authors (anywhere there's a list of responses)
    • support pagination (I think with infinite scroll).
  • Go for the wiki, with hierarchial URLs, also with explicit ordering of pages in a section.
    • wiki server back end
    • edit wiki page
    • Sectioned page: blocks of text (markdown), flexbox grid for tables, many other goodies.
  • Data table display
    • Master detail layout
    • render a table
    • render a form based on DB model
    • CRUD in a table
    • CRUD in a form
    • Data validation