The Universal Blog Site

In the beginning, we had wikis, which were good for structuring ideas and knowlege. Then came blogs, which were better for professional writers (the weekly essay) and not really about structure. Then special purpose sites like Trac (still the best for software project management, documentation and source control, IMHO),


  1. Wikis, Blogs, Jupyter NB, Trac, Django – trajectory of web site frameworks where technical or professionqals could publish without having to be first and foremost a web site developer.
  2. I won't say I've done a comprehensive survey of frameworks available now, but I can't find a sharp enough tool yet.
  3. Looking for:
    1. Hierarchy and tags to structure the site. Easy search, section TOC...
    2. Page editor with Markdown (many: Ghost, wikijs ...). Many choices here.
    3. Section of page can be program and output. like Jupyter notebook.
    4. section of page can be diagram (not image). Like powerpoint, onenote, ??Don't know a JS tool.
    5. tabular data, in forms, views. With CRUD..