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New, new horses

Since we’ll be travelling for the forseeable future, I decided to move the blog off the little server and up to Amazon Web Services, where it will be somebody else’s problem to keep it running, accessable and online.

Why I Blog
Like everyone else, I’ve got opinions and experiences to spare and to share. So why not simply haunt the usual online communities and contribute there? Why go to all the trouble of starting an isolated blog? Three reasons: to control my own data; to spare innocent users of all the other sites the burden of my opinions; to see whether this is a feasible model for personal interaction on the internet.
An auditable voting system
[[refine this idea. It has legs!]] Provides receipt to voter that confirms that his/her ballot was recorded as expected, and a token that can be used to confirm that his/her votes are reflected in the reported tally. Preserves privacy. Idea is, voting machine prints a recipt for the voter, shows the votes on the ballot. Voter can raise a question if that’s not how he/she voted. Receipt also has a long opaque number which encodes:
The Server Rebuild
[Update 28-Jun-2020: And now they’re found! Running containerized Ghost changed the path to the images and I never had the patience till now to go looking. But it would be helpful if Ghost export would capture the images too…] [Update 20-jul-2019: Sadly, I’ve lost all the photos of the server components due to bad juju during an unintended blog rebuild. I can’t immediately find backup copies, but will keep looking. They gave this post some real pizzaz!