Blogging should be about something. A well-formed blog post should have a meaningful tag.

But what about one's daily impressions or ruminations? They're worth capturing before they slip away (at least for me at my age). Yet they're not necessarily about anything. So that's what the "Journal" section shall be about. If the ruminations turn into anything salient, I can add a tag and title and then it becomes a blog post.

And today's rumination is whether I'll ever have time and courage to take the boat out on my own, now that I've got it nearby. It is not all set up, and may never be. But is it safe and reliable enough as is for a day trip in the harbor? All by myself?

What am I worried about?

  1. Breaking something leaving or returning to the slip.
    This is the big one today. I didn't have real trouble getting into the slip arriving in the dark and for the first time. But wind and tide were calm, and I had crew. But (at least the first few times) I'll be depending on marina staff for help and that should be good enough. I have good insurance, and I will be careful so damage to neighbors is not likely or top of mind.
  2. Engine trouble
    A current concern, given the overheating approaching dock Friday. Could happen anytime.
    Mitigate by good maintenance practices, research what went wrong that time, poke around the engine before setting out again. Find out whether towing service includes a ride home.
  3. Getting stuck crosswise in the aisle between slips.
    Could happen, especially when I try to back up and have to manage prop walk. Can't practice till I get out once. But I've already done a bit of this at Palmetto, and it wasn't too hard.
  4. Haven't been able to raise the sails yet. Not sure the rig is sturdy, and some of the cables definitely not very tight. That one spreader has not been inspected. I have the Loos gauge, so can tweak. Weather will be benign the first time I do this.
  5. No autopilot, so boat will wander a bit while I go forward to manage sails. But it does track well and I can lock the helm for a minute at a time.
  6. Embarassment
    Always a possibility. But part of the culture.