Made some progress on the boat today: disovered the probable cause of overheating on our trip up the ICW. The raw water filter was more than half plugged with fine mud and silt. I was able to clean the strainer, but now I need to cut a new cork gasket for the top and I really should disassemble the bottom and clean the whole thing out.

No progress on the tach: I tried cleaning both plugs from engine to control panel, but did not try to verify end to end continuity. There is supposed to be a signal wire from the alternator to tach, will have to look harder for it.

Did succeed in installing positive latches for cabin steps, though with much cussing and dropping of screws. Latches, and especially the screws holding them into the wood, are probably too small and won't last.

Got marina staff to fix the 2 bad cleats on the slip: last one was wiggling loose and middle one was badly corroded and would eat through any dock line. Nice of them to be so responsive! Also arranged in-slip pumpout, so filled the holding tank with a lot of the stale water from the water tank. But I still can't see level in either tank.

Did not make any progress on laying out autopilot install, which is what I actually went down there to do.

Must remember to bring new hose! Must research canvas guru -- boat needs a dodger, though maybe not a new bimini.