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Hugo All Kinds Theme

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This project provides a Hugo theme suitable for project or portfolio sections, not just a blog. It’s based on twitter bootstrap and borrows from hugo-theme-bootstrap4-blog. However, I’m not making any attempt to keep the connection intact.

Hugo is often used for a simple blog, and many of the sample themes focus on that use. I’ve been using 1hugo-theme-bootstrap4-blog, but now am trying to extend that theme to handle non-blog content for projects. Where blog posts tend to be stand alone (though linked by tag) and are usually indexed only by date, a project has (usually) an extended, static sequence of pages, might have a multi-level hierarchy and should have more elaborate navigation.

This could be shoe-horned into the above theme, but I’m not finding it easy (lack of experience with Hugo) and would rather rewrite the whole thing anyway. But I’m keeping the dependency on bootstrap and much of the visual layout design that Alan created, credit where credit is due.


  • Out of the box, theme supports both blog and extended page sections (e.g projects, as defined above).
  • Blog basically same as 1.
  • Each project has different title and page navigation. Link back to blog from top.
  • Project has multiple top-level pages which may have children.
  • Project offers in-project page nav (indented to show children) and, as a nice-to-have, shows the table of contents of the current page in the nave under the currently open page.
  • Theme compatible with latest version of Hugo, with appropriate use of new features.
  • Theme uses bootstrap2
  • Theme retains the overall visual appeal of 1.

Design notes

  • Use view templates and .Render where that makes sense. The view templates are easier to think about than conditional logic in a partial.
  • Default views are support the Project layout. Ship blog as a special case that overrides the default. Thus, any new section added to the site uses the project layout by default.
  • Use other recent Hugo features where they make sense.

‚Äč A simple but opinionated Hugo theme geared toward blog-style content.

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  1. hugo-theme-bootstrap4-blog ↩︎

  2. Bootstrap ↩︎