Hugo All Kinds Theme

Hugo theme for handling all kinds of pages

Design notes

Template notes (before)


Blocks – head

  • schema-dot-org – empty
  • title – head/title metadata

Blocks – body

  • masthead – nav links for home and .Site.Menus.navbar
  • header – blog title, description
  • body – page content and right sidebar
  • footer – copyright, template credit and back-to-top link.


  • partial head-meta.html – viewport def, opengraph, twitter_cards, google, bing, yandex search site verification

  • cookie-consent – uses haven.umd.js to collect consent for cookies

  • head-custom – placeholder for custom content at bottom of header

  • sidebar.html – about (.Site.Params.sidebar.about), recent or related list then static links from .Site.Menus.sidebar

  • opengraph – complex script, metadata “og:*” for title,desc,article/website,url, images, audio, video, related links, author, publisher, …

    (wtf is all this? Why is publisher “facebook?”. It’s broken till i fix .Params.images –> .Params.image

  • twitter_cards – metadata “twitter:*” card, image, title, description, site, creator



  • title
  • schema-dot-org – @type: BlogPosting, image, url, wordcount, author, keywords (all blog tag/category) .Params.description
  • main – article#blog-post
    • header: title and post-meta
    • post image
    • content
    • footer: sharing icons, disqus link


  • local-image – srcset of first image from resources. Need a better way to do this! Should work with generic reference to images or image
  • meta-terms – list of category, tag links for page
  • sharing-icons – list of “share-this-on” links.



  • schema-dot-org: @type: Blog, keywords: list of all terms in each taxonomy, description (.Site)

  • main:

    pagination of .Site.RegularPages "Section" "in" .Site.Params.mainSection

    render “summary-card” or “content” based on $truncate

    prev/next page links


  • partial pagination.html – prev/next links
  • template summary-card – article#blog-post
    • link to article image as small float-left
    • link to title
    • (modification?) time
    • author, posted in: partial meta-terms
    • .Summary (not .Description!)


Meta descriptions

4 kinds: schema-dot-org, twitter-card, opengraph and RSS. All needed?

  • schema-dot-org:
    • blog: list = “Blog”, post = “BlogPosting”
    • project: list = “Article”, page = pageStart / pageEnd or pagination
  • opengraph
  • twitter-card
  • rss

Simple definition lists

this is a term
and here is its definition
another term
another definition

Simple, isn’t it?


  • not done
  • done
  • tbd

my example my example as a button{.btn .btn-primary}