Projects for 2021

A fancy bilge pump monitor, compatible with Signal K (and NMEA 2000?). I could find dedicated (non N2k) products for $$, but I do think I can build one for the open source (and free) ecosystem. And there's progress.

  • Boat Instrumentation With NMEA 2000 and SignalK

    Desirous of full instrumentation in my comfortable sailing vessel Off Beat, and not willing to plunk down a large pile of cash for proprietary "Glass Cockpit" stuff, I decided to integrate my own solution. No sense being an Electrical Engineer if I can't entertain myself this way, it's part of the enjoyment of boating.

  • Design

    I want to be able to monitor my bilge pump, nicely integrated into the NMEA 2000 and SignalK network I'm adding to Off Beat. But I couldn't find anything available off the shelf and decided to roll my own. Building it involved a deep dive into SignalK, which turned out to be a pleasant journey of its own.

  • Overview

    Why do this, what am I aiming for and how will I go about it?