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An auditable voting system
[[refine this idea. It has legs!]] Provides receipt to voter that confirms that his/her ballot was recorded as expected, and a token that can be used to confirm that his/her votes are reflected in the reported tally. Preserves privacy. Idea is, voting machine prints a recipt for the voter, shows the votes on the ballot. Voter can raise a question if that’s not how he/she voted. Receipt also has a long opaque number which encodes:
Er, hello, tap, tap… Is this thing on?
First post on the newly refurbished blog server. Sadly, all content of the old blog was lost in the transition. But the new server is spiffy and I’ll tell you all about it soon. For now, can do Markdown? Is it crunchy? awkward? Is it delicious? fractious? Can insert HTML here Enough blather with the editor.