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  • Hugo Client Search

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    This project provides a modular search facility intended to integrate easily into Hugo static websites. It leverages a full-text index built by the site builder, runs entirely client side, and exploits Web Assembly (written in Go) to replace JavaScript where reasonable.

  • Docsy Theme to-do

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    Converting the blog and projects site to Docsy Hugo theme.

  • Lessons learned in Hugo config

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    Configuration gotchas [Solved] UglifyURLs and CanonifyURLs I'm trying to keep images in same folder as post they belong to. That's an easy thing to manage in Typora (and other markdown editors). But I'm having trouble using simple relative image links, e.g ![foo](foo.jpg). I can't seem to get hugo site generation to put the files in the right place in the generated site (in fact, they're not being moved anywhere.) On the one hand, I want to host images in same folder as .