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  • Why I Blog

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    Like everyone else, I've got opinions and experiences to spare and to share. So why not simply haunt the usual online communities and contribute there? Why go to all the trouble of starting an isolated blog? Three reasons: to control my own data; to spare innocent users of all the other sites the burden of my opinions; to see whether this is a feasible model for personal interaction on the internet.

  • A Meditation on Projects

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    I think that the notion of a "project" is one of the fundamental cognitive advances of mankind. It is a kind of social signal from an individual or small group to a larger community that a problem can be and will be solved. It's a framework for negotiating the scope of the problem and how it relates to other problems and solutions used by the community. Related idea – planning

  • Get a receipt for your vote

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    analogy with credit card transactions Large scale -- country wide, billions of transactions per day, can handle peakes like Black Friday with aplomb Customers (voters) transfer credits (votes) to vendors (candidates). Banks (election supervisors) ensure the transfers are correct and also ensure that customers can only spend the same dollar once. Double entry bookkeeping assures integrity of the process. Vote credits and transferred to voter, then to candidate.