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  • Hacking wakeup for USB and Bluetooth

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    Getting reliable wakeup from suspend from bluetooth keyboard or USB mouse.

    Article incomplete; don't know where to put enable to make it sticky across reboot.

  • Bluetooth Audio Lag

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    Ubuntu, for reasons known only to itself, defaults to sub-optimal settings for upscale bluetooth connected speakers, resulting in very noticable audio lag when, e.g, playing John Oliver on YouTube.

    But the community long ago figured out what's going on and how to fix it.

  • Learning to live with Linux: avahi and systemctl

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    First of maybe a short series on the nits of supporting Ubuntu for home use... This all started with a frequently recurring notification from avahi-daemon, "mumble, mumble .local domain". This would briefly display on my desktop a few minutes after boot up, or shortly after a network change like opening or closing a VPN connection. avahi's prejudice against windows networks using '.local' domain is well documented. All I can say is Windows started using it first.