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  • What's Webassembly good for

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    As of the end of 2018, at the minimum viable product phase, it seems you can compile a pile of C code into an assembly, then load and run it in a browser, or in Node.js. You can wrap the assembly in the trappings of an import to javascript and invoke it from script. You apparently cannot call out from WebAssembly to the browser DOM but you could use javascript as a thin shim around those APIs and invoke webassembly with the results.

  • State of the Art in Web Development

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    I took the opportunity to rebuild my development machine from scratch this week. It has been accumulating tools, multiple frameworks and demo apps for years, had suffered through my dabblings in Hyper-V, SQL, C#/.Net, Python and now JS frameworks and had gotten quite polluted. Then Windows 10 Insider Build 18305 came along and broke my profile so I couldn't access the Start menu and that was the last straw. Time to gather my take-aways, abandon the cruft and apply those conclusions to a clean fresh dev environment.