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  • New, new horses

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    Since we'll be travelling for the forseeable future, I decided to move the blog off the little server and up to Amazon Web Services, where it will be somebody else's problem to keep it running, accessable and online.

  • Why I Blog

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    Like everyone else, I've got opinions and experiences to spare and to share. So why not simply haunt the usual online communities and contribute there? Why go to all the trouble of starting an isolated blog? Three reasons: to control my own data; to spare innocent users of all the other sites the burden of my opinions; to see whether this is a feasible model for personal interaction on the internet.

  • NGINX supporting multiple services, doing TLS for all

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    My first direct engagement with Ngnix, employing its vaunted reverse proxy capability.

  • The Server Rebuild

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    [Update 28-Jun-2020: And now they're found! Running containerized Ghost changed the path to the images and I never had the patience till now to go looking. But it would be helpful if Ghost export would capture the images too...] [Update 20-jul-2019: Sadly, I've lost all the photos of the server components due to bad juju during an unintended blog rebuild. I can't immediately find backup copies, but will keep looking. They gave this post some real pizzaz!

  • The Server for this Blog

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    Getting all meta, here's a blog post about the blog server, the origin story of the little server that powers this blog. My original idea about this blog is that it should be a completely stand-alone thing, so I wouldn't be beholden to someone else's monetization scheme to get my thoughts out there. I could probably find a free/cheap enough shared service if I looked hard enough, but I didn't want to do the research and, in the back of my mind was the appeal of building from scratch and learning something along the way.

  • Where are the comments?

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    When I first started with Ghost, I was looking for a nice private blog, where I could share my thoughts and maybe attract an audience without having to put up with someone else's monetization scheme. But Ghost doesn't come with a comments section, so it's kind of a solitary occupation. And the 3rd party add-ons like Discuss aren't free. So, how to close the gap?