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  • New, new horses

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    Since we'll be travelling for the forseeable future, I decided to move the blog off the little server and up to Amazon Web Services, where it will be somebody else's problem to keep it running, accessable and online.

  • Down the rabbit hole -- blinkenlights

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    Why, yes, I am building a PDP-11/70 simulation called PiDP11.

  • New Horses

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    First, I succumbed to the lure of more screen space. Then, the Ryzen hype from AMD was just irresistible, and I succumbed again. And finally, I've ditched Windows for Linux (ubuntu). But I feel fine about it.

  • The Server Rebuild

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    [Update 28-Jun-2020: And now they're found! Running containerized Ghost changed the path to the images and I never had the patience till now to go looking. But it would be helpful if Ghost export would capture the images too...] [Update 20-jul-2019: Sadly, I've lost all the photos of the server components due to bad juju during an unintended blog rebuild. I can't immediately find backup copies, but will keep looking. They gave this post some real pizzaz!

  • The Server for this Blog

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    Getting all meta, here's a blog post about the blog server, the origin story of the little server that powers this blog. My original idea about this blog is that it should be a completely stand-alone thing, so I wouldn't be beholden to someone else's monetization scheme to get my thoughts out there. I could probably find a free/cheap enough shared service if I looked hard enough, but I didn't want to do the research and, in the back of my mind was the appeal of building from scratch and learning something along the way.