Posts in 2021

  • First Off Beat Voyage

    ,  tagged cruising boat

    Planning the first voyage with Off Beat, all the unknowns and all the knowns that are not ready.

  • Why I Blog

    ,  tagged Blog Rants

    Like everyone else, I've got opinions and experiences to spare and to share. So why not simply haunt the usual online communities and contribute there? Why go to all the trouble of starting an isolated blog? Three reasons: to control my own data; to spare innocent users of all the other sites the burden of my opinions; to see whether this is a feasible model for personal interaction on the internet.

  • Lessons learned in Hugo config

    ,  tagged hugo

    Configuration gotchas [Solved] UglifyURLs and CanonifyURLs I'm trying to keep images in same folder as post they belong to. That's an easy thing to manage in Typora (and other markdown editors). But I'm having trouble using simple relative image links, e.g ![foo](foo.jpg). I can't seem to get hugo site generation to put the files in the right place in the generated site (in fact, they're not being moved anywhere.) On the one hand, I want to host images in same folder as .

  • Er, hello, tap, tap... Is this thing on?

    ,  tagged Commentary

    First post on the newly refurbished blog server. Sadly, all content of the old blog was lost in the transition. But the new server is spiffy and I'll tell you all about it soon. For now, can do Markdown? Is it crunchy? awkward? Is it delicious? fractious? Can insert HTML here Enough blather with the editor.

  • NGINX supporting multiple services, doing TLS for all

    ,  tagged Blog Software

    My first direct engagement with Ngnix, employing its vaunted reverse proxy capability.

  • Wildcard cert via

    ,  tagged Software

    New standard for single-tenant, multi-vdir sites: configure nginx as outer server with paths for each service; run the services as separate vdirs with whatever server they ship with; let nginx terminate the SSL sessions for all of the vdirs and run the service in HTTP. This is easier if you use a single wildcard cert for the domain.

  • Wayland on Ubuntu (19.04)

    ,  tagged Software

    Initially, not seeing many problems, and kudos to the project teams who undoubtedly worked had to bring things to this level.

  • New, new horses

    ,  tagged Blog Software Hardware

    Since we'll be travelling for the forseeable future, I decided to move the blog off the little server and up to Amazon Web Services, where it will be somebody else's problem to keep it running, accessable and online.

  • Off Beat

    ,  tagged project boat

    Off Beat is my new old boat, an Island Packet 27 built in 1987. It's a sturdy, slow and comfortable sailboat and should satisfy my nautical yearnings for some time now. It needs some work before I can go far in it. The south east coast is not a particularly great cruising ground. Where else will I go?